the flasher

Last weekend we celebrated my friend’s bridal shower.  Can you believe we actually managed to surprise her!?  It seems like brides are normally onto the surprise.  She really didn’t know until she arrived at the house.  Woo hoo! 

Anyway, here is the invitation that I put together for the vinspired bride.  I used the Stampin Up! lace ribbon border paper bunch to achieve the row of medallions.  I was pretty happy with the look and it ties together nicely with the bride and groom’s elegant wedding theme.  It is hard to see in the picture but the cardstock color is a deep eggplant, not black.

We repeated the medallions on the favors.  The punched paper acted as ribbon to dress up the box.

The paper was secured around the box and topped with a luxurious gold thank you plaque.  The plaque was also achieved with a paper punch and stamped with ‘thank you’.

The goody boxes were stuffed with chocolates.  Yum!  Can you tell I like taking pictures of the favors?

At the shower, we played a new-to-me game.  I am so over the tried and true shower games so this one was silly and refreshing!  My friend’s family invented this lively game.  Basically some bold soul wears a robe lined with things newlyweds would need or use.  It can be as simple as an oven mitt or as risqué as, well…use your imagination.  All of the items for the game can easily be found at the dollar store.

The person wearing the robe flashes some of the guests so they can see what is lining the robe.  After the robe closes, the guests can write down as many items as they saw.  The person with the most correct items wins.  In our case, they won a mini mumkin centerpiece.

Oh what fun!  Even the groom got in on the bridal shower action.  He loved wearing the bow hat.  Maybe even a little too much…

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