happy halloween


I’m still not over the fact that it snowed this weekend.  I know.  I am acting like it was a blizzard of epic proportions but the sheer fact that we got about 4-6 inches in October is debilitating enough.  It’s just weird and doesn’t happen in PA.

So unfortunately our festive costume party that was planned among friends for Saturday night was seriously scaled back.  Only the diehards made it out.  What did they dress up as?  So glad you asked…

Zombies.  Yes, that is Zombie Flo from Progressive.

Ceiling Fan & Window Fan.  Punny.

Sexy Pirate.  Fred Flintstone.  Sexy Baseball Player.

Reversed Religion.  Catholic & Jewish.

Flapper & Karate Sensei.

And the best costume went to…drumroll please…Mother Nature & Father Time.

Ryan, Wilson and I dressed as Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf.

Doesn’t Wilson make a cute grandmother?

Although it seemed like we should be dancing along to “the weather outside is frightful…”  we managed to play scary music, indulge in apple cider and eat spooky treats…like jack-o-lantern vom.

The snow is beginning to melt here just in time for tonight’s trick-or-treaters!  What is your best Halloween costume?  

Happy Halloween!

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