it’s a wrap

The Clover Market 2011 season wrapped on Sunday.  The weather has cooperated quite nicely this season.  I could easily sell at an outdoor market every weekend if crisp fall weather was guaranteed…well, maybe.  It is definitely a ton of work to set up a pop up shop in just a few hours.  But I sure do love it!

Being the last Clover of the year and considering there are only about 45 days ’til Christmas, it seemed only appropriate to break out the vintage holiday decor.

Yes, that’s a month and a half to go!  Time to get your retro Christmas apron…

With that said, I lifted my self-appointed “no buying” policy and did some Christmas shopping when I got a break.  There are so many talented vendors at Clover, I just couldn’t pass up a few of their wares even I was supposed to be selling and not shopping.  (Did I ever tell you that I am a recovering shopaholic?  I have weak moments.)

I visited the gals at Nannygoat Antiques to pick up a copy of Johanna’s Gift.  This is a children’s book that Nannygoat’s own Jeanne Marston illustrated.  The pages are absolutely stunning!  I can’t wait to give it to my niece. 

I met my newest tweep Lisa from Milkshake Crafts.  Love social networking!  What a doll she is and her work is just as cheerful as her personality.  I couldn’t leave her booth without a set of adorable hound dog notecards.  Here is the same image on a clock.

Looks kind of familiar, no?

I also picked up a coastal still life from John Sturgis Photography.  It will be a great addition to our photo gallery at the beach house.  Oh and I’m actually going to put it in a frame that I got last year at Clover!

Ok so maybe that wasn’t ALL Christmas shopping!  What can I say?  Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings at Clover Market.

3 thoughts on “it’s a wrap

  1. Thanks Dana for the mention of the book I illustrated. I am doing a book signing Saturday at Milkhouse Antiques in Gurthriesville, Rt.322.
    Clover Market was a lot of fun, great customers and hope to see you & your Mom & Dad next Spring again across the way!

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