shout out to the vets

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I have got a unique piece of US history to share with you.

Just a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this bad boy and as soon as I laid eyes on the World War II footlocker, I knew I needed it.  Now let me tell you that I have never been much of a war buff but I know what I like when I see it.  Although military memorabilia is not commonly in my collection, I scooped this piece up.

Hearing stories about World War II is always fascinating to me since it not only impacted those fighting the war but shaped the entire country’s day-to-day living and really defined so much of the 1940’s.  Women went to work in factories.  Children’s toy production was limited and other things, such as Christmas ornaments, were not made with metals.  Everyone seemed to make sacrifices.  It is almost incomprehensible compared to our commercially saturated culture today. 

If this footlocker could talk, man, I am sure it would have some stories that no textbook has ever told.

And since it can’t talk because that would be weird, the seller shared some amazing stories.  The trunk belonged to his father.  He was a 19 year old marine when he went to Hiroshima.  Unlike many of the war vets, this one spoke about his experience with his family.  His son told me that his father was present for the now famous raising of the flag in Iwo Jima.

That means this little guy was somewhere nearby…

Safely keeping everything the soldier owned.  I imagine he had letters from his family and loved ones tucked in the corner of this shelf.  Maybe there was a girl back home waiting for him to return.

The worn leather handles held up through it all.

The rivets.  The brass. The camouflage green.  I adore the details!

It is kind of surprising to me that the family chose to sell this personal memorabilia after all of these years.  But I am happy to own it now, if even for a short time.  The footlocker will make an amazing focal point in the right room as a blanket chest or even a coffee table.

Happy Veteran’s Day!  Thank you to all of our military personnel for serving.

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6 thoughts on “shout out to the vets

  1. Love that you know a little bit about the soldier that used this piece. That makes it even more special. Thanks for sharing the story because it is the stories that make the piece so much more beautiful.

  2. Absolutely love this post.. came across it as I was searching the web. You gave me chills. I too found what I thought was “trunk” at a estate sale and quickly snatched it up. It looks exactly like the one you have pictured here… Mine had a number embossed though in the handles. Curious does yours?

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