all washed up

Happy Sunday friends!  I have to admit that I don’t have any pictures of new vintage treasures from the weekend.  Don’t frown though.  It is a good thing.  I swear.  I spent the whole weekend doing things I love…shopping, junking, antiquing.  Yes, they are all pretty much the same so I will have lots of little treasures to share.  I was so busy that there was no time for photos.  Tomorrow. 


There is a new addition in our coastal bedroom.  Can you spot it?  Just past the recycled headboard.

We have a new shelf displaying my collection of seas glass, beach pebbles and Cape May diamonds.

Like the collection, the shelf was also found washed up on the beach. It is a naturally distressed 4×4. Ryan and I spotted it while walking the beach at low tide. It was too big to carry home so we came back with the truck early the next morning. At that time it was high tide so the driftwood was water logged again. That sucker was heavy to lug off the beach. The early hour brought out just us and a little old lady who looked suspiciously similar to her poodle.  She was quite entertained by our haul. 

We let the driftwood dry out for a few weeks. Ryan then made my vision come to life by creating a floating shelf out of the distressed and discarded driftwood.  He anchoreded L-brackets into the studs to support the weight.

The texture is just amazing. Something only nature could create.

This little hole which lets the paint peek through is my favorite.

I really love the elements of this room.  This photo seems to capture the true color of the wall which was inspired by sea glass.

So I think I’ve officially gone coastal in my decorating style. What do you think of the latest?

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9 thoughts on “all washed up

  1. I LOVE it! And I especially love it because it’s from my favorite place – Cape May. I have lots and lots of Cape May diamonds, too, and need some ideas for displaying them. I wish I could find a piece of driftwood like that!

  2. You’ve got yourself a real handy man there in that Ryan! The floating shelf looks really great..
    Cape May Diamonds. You must be a neighbor! Nice to meet ya!
    Eileen @ Cottage Beach House

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