sunday’s finds

Although it was like 60 degrees this weekend and felt more like spring than fall, you can certainly tell that winter is near.  Friday was a gorgeous day for working outside but the sun started setting in the 3 o’clock hour!  Not to mention the estate sale listings are quite limited.  Oh how will I get through the winter without new junk?  With that said, here are just a few finds.

A mid-century style lamp with a fab damask drum shade. I am currently testing it out in my red living room. It might stay.

A pair of art deco mirrored tables. I really loves these.

Check out the patina on the glass.

That’s all…back to decking the halls! How was your weekend?

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3 thoughts on “sunday’s finds

  1. Big fan of those mirrored tables! If only i had a bigger space, I would def. be interested! Bring back the “a word from Wilson” segment! Always enjoyable to see what the little guy is up too.

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