the room without a closet

Happy Monday!  It is a happy one for me because I am still on staycation a.k.a still in my pajamas.  I have a lot of vacation days to burn and that’s what I am doing.  I could really get used to this.  All of this time off has really got me thinking about how I manage my time and conquer home decor projects that are meaningful to me.  There must be a way to leave the corporate grind behind and do this full-time.  I have tackled some major furniture rehabs and holiday decorating as well…don’t worry I will share them all here.

The first project was 2 years in the making…

The guest room in Cape May is closetless.  The home is really not that old (circa 1986) for it to have been built without a closet but sure enough this bedroom didn’t have one until now. 

I have been passively looking for an armoire that could be painted to fit the room. The catch was that I was looking for a cheap one.  Then I found this gem on the cheap.  It was dinged and scratched.  Perfect.  I can’t help but to look at that shiny orange beast and cringe.  I sanded off all of the varnish exposing the bare cedar to prepare it for a whitewash effect.

I’ve been in a coastal and driftwood place lately so that is where I got my cue for the color palette.

I used my new obsession – Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I mixed 1 part Paris Grey and 1 part Pure White adding 2 parts water to create a greyish whitewash on the sides and front allowing the knots in the wood to show through.  For the closet borders I only used 1 part water to thicken the whitewash up a bit.  This gave me the look I wanted with the paint colors creating some depth.  I lightly clear waxed the whole closet.

I love that the original cedar is still there.  It is just limited to inside the closet and not shiny and all over.

Fortunately this little space doubles nicely as a home office.  When the closet is not occupied by guest’s clothes, the shelf works as a computer desk.  So as long as I have to work the corporate grind, I don’t mind doing it in my rehabbed cedar closet turned computer desk.  Ryan keeps asking me why I would want to work in the closet.  It seems like a good space to me.

I am liking how this room is shaping up all due to just a bit of paint.  Remember the red nightstand? Well that sits across from the new closet.

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10 thoughts on “the room without a closet

  1. This looks really nice,you did a great job on it,does it have a strong cedar smell? It will make a neat desk for you to use.,it looks very shory.

  2. Love the fish you gave this piece, it turned out beautiful. I would love to feature it if that would be ok with you please let me know

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