they say it’s your birthday

Can I just tell you once again how much I’ve enjoyed my staycation over the last week and a half?  I return to the grind tomorrow but not without just one more play day.  I started the day with a birthday breakfast out with a bestie.  I will be going antiquing and out to lunch with my mom to celebrate our birthdays.  (Her’s is tomorrow and it’s a BIG one!)  Hopefully there are many new treasures in our future. 

I need to tell you about yesterday.  It was epic!  I met the legendary Miss Mustard Seed.  And her sidekick Mini Mustard Seed.  What a delight!  Let me pause for a minute for those of you that are my family and friends and only read my blog (thanks) and are therefore not in the know in the design blog world.  Miss Mustard Seed is pretty much amazing.  Let’s face it.  She invented the vintage sheet music wreaths along with the influence of the Union Jack furniture craze plus many other home decor trends.  Marian has a totally admirable design and freelance writing career and a wonderful eye for antiques. 

So why would she be meeting lil ol’ me?  Turns out we live just a few hours apart.  After reading a recent blog post about how rapidly her business is growing, I offered to be an antique buyer for her.  I simply emailed her and she welcomed the assistance.  Marian is so down to earth but I still acted like I was talking to George Clooney in our first conversation.  Yes, I just compared Miss Mustard Seed to George Clooney.  So what?  That’s how A list she is. 

I essentially pick items that fit her style to relieve her of some of her shopping duties.  Being a personal shopper has always been a dream.  I live to shop.  Especially for antiques.  Perfect combination if I do say so. 

This is my best “picker” look…

We met up at this great little flea market called Root’s Old Mill.  Neither of us had ever been.  Who knew there was such a bustling business every Tuesday morning in Manheim, PA?  The market was nestled amongst several rolling farms.  I love taking a drive out in the sprawling country and seeing nothing but undeveloped land.  What a refreshing sight.  As you can tell by the sky, rain threatened all morning.  Fortunately it held out for our shopping excursion. 

I’ve got a thing for silos.  Weird, I know.  There is just something so iconic about them.

Since it is my birthday week (in my family we get an entire week), I decided to treat myself to a little antiquing in downtown Lancaster on my way back home.  I stumbled upon a fabulous vintage and artisan co-op called Building Character.  Oh and did that building have character.  Exposed brick.  High ceilings.  The ultimate industrial chic market.  It actually reminded me a lot of West End Garage in Cape May…another fave shopping destination.  I’m loving these venues and need to get into a shop like this!

I bought a kelly green vintage coat in mint condition at an excellent price.  Happy birthday to me, from me.  Can you also tell how the full length mirror is hanging on a very old, freestanding door?  I like that look.

When I went back out to North Queen Street, the skies opened up and the threat of rain became a reality.  I must come visit Lancaster again soon!

The day was ended with a birthday dinner and cake with Ryan’s family.  They gave me a tool chest filled with tools!  My very own palm sander, dremel, heat gun.  Oh my.  What a nerd I’ve become.

All in all a pretty great start to my birthday.

5 thoughts on “they say it’s your birthday

  1. So glad you had a great day! Your comparison made me giggle! You know how I feel about George!!!!!!!!!!! But, glad you got to meet her!

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