betty crocker garden

Well, actually I am no Betty Crocker.  I’ve only have a few baking recipes up my sleeve so I decided to put some rusty baking ware to another use. 

I have this great double baking pan, a rusty old cupcake pan and tons of flour sifters.  These are all prevalent finds in antique malls on the cheap or in the dark corner of your mother’s cabinet. 

I thought it would be unique to have a vignette of vintage bakeware repurposed into a holiday garden.  It all started with the sifter.  I decided to use it as a planter for the Amaryllis bulb – which by the way shows no signs of blooming anytime soon.  Hopefully we’ll get a flower on this guy come Valentine’s Day.  They are notoriously slow-growing compared to their holiday bulb counterpart – the paperwhites.

Then I planted 2 rows of paperwhites in the double baking pan.  I actually planted each row a week apart with the idea that it would extend the bloom time for these fragrant white flowers.  They’re growing rapidly!

Next I decorated the cupcake pan with some festive accessories like vintage ornaments and bulb lights.  Ha get it?  More bulbs.

 Plus a couple of paperwhites got planted in individual cupcake cells. 

Finally, the mini cyclamen found a home of its own.

And so did the mini poinsettia. 

In another flour sifter turned planter.

There you have a vignette of holiday plants putting some ol’ bakeware back to work.

Clcik here for more vintage inspired Christmas projects!

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7 thoughts on “betty crocker garden

  1. Hi- These are all cute ideas! You are on the same page as me with your plants. My amaryllis are growing (it took a week to see some action) however one year I planted the largest one I’ve ever grown and it took a long time to see it start to grow. Not sure why some are faster than others. I need to find more interesting containers for my plants too!

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