Is it really Monday night already?  

I didn’t manage to fit in any junking or antiquing this past weekend.  I know.  It makes me cranky.  We went away for my work holiday party at a beautiful resort in Western PA called Nemacolin.  It was fareeezing!  The resort was something like 2000 acres.  HUGE!  There were literally lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! Actually I don’t think there were tigers but there were zebras and camels and buffalo.  No lie.  It was like a zoo.  With a spa.  Strangely satisfying.  I was too lazy relaxed to take many pictures although the halls were certainly decked for the season.  Here are our new friends…

We had a good time hanging out with friends and enjoyed delicious food.  I wish I brought home leftovers actually.  It was definitely a great getaway that many would dream of but I have to admit we don’t the whole relaxing thing very well.  I was itching for a project and I missed my little guy terribly!  I have become such a homebody…just 2 days away and I’m “that girl” wishing our dog was with us.  Turns out there was a pet spa at the resort.  Yes, I am sure Wilson would have loved to get a pawdicure if he had come along.  I wish I made “pawdicure” up but that’s actually what they call it at Wooflands Spa.

After my relaxing weekend, a long day of work today, homemade turkey pineapple chili (seriously try it) and a ton of gift wrapping tonight, I finally fit a little vintage into my life.  I whipped out my new buffer (nerd alert) and worked on one of the final steps of the dining room table that I am restoring for us.  So close!  I am loving how it is turning out…

And for some more randomness since I seem to be all over the place tonight…a couple of weeks ago I spent my birthday out shopping, eating and antiquing.  My fave kind of day.  I’ve got some eye candy to share with you from that day.  I finally made it to the nearly famous Terrain.  This is a local greenhouse/cafe/shop owned by Urban Outfitters.  It is pretty much everything I love rolled up into one retail shop.  You’ve got your plants, Urban style, good eats, chic boutique, housewares, repurposed lovelies, reclaimed wood, the works.  How have I never been here before now?  I heart Terrain.  Here are some things that caught my eye since they’re inline with my current rustic decor.

The same day, we stopped by an antique shop with a French flair called La Mason Home.  So inspiring.  The store was in an old farmhouse and every room was styled even better than the one before.  Gorgeous!  More eye candy for you…

Thanks for sticking with me and my wild train of thought tonight! I will be back this week with some new projects to share.

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