my Christmas home tour

Christmas…just 5 days away.

If you read other home design and vintage blogs, you may have noticed that everyone has been posting their own version of their Christmas home tour.  In my attempt to keep up with the Joneses of the blog world, I had planned to post my holiday decor house tour 10 days before Christmas.  You would think that wouldn’t be too difficult considering the place has been decorated for Christmas since about Thanksgiving.  Well, that self-inflicted deadline came and went.  Over the weekend, I tidied the place up with the intent to photograph each room and get the aforementioned post up on Monday.  Yesterday.  That didn’t happen either.

A co-worker once told me “life happens while you’re making plans”.  So true.

Without further adieu, photos of life happening in our home decorated for Christmas. No staging.  Or bright natural light that I was holding out for…

Most of our friends come in the back door and enter the sunroom.  They’re greeted by a table top tree made of bells and some white pine from the yard.

The sunroom leads to the kitchen.  No matter the house, everyone always seems to gather in the kitchen.  Am I right?

And this time there is a sing along in progress with our friends children.

A little girl sings along in her party dress.

Overnight guests hang out in matching PJs.

Let’s leave the jam session and check out the dining room where snacks and a game of Apples to Apples were just abandoned.  There is our Fraser fir tree centered in front of the window.

On the adjacent wall is the card display that is now bursting with photos & holiday greetings.

Of course the living room is empty because everyone is squished in the kitchen!  The mantel is the focal point of the room and has been a big hit.

Pull a seat closer to the fire.  Vintage of course.

Oh wait, the living room is not empty.  There is just one Scrooge who chose not to join the holiday festivities.  Bah humbug Wilson!

The living room built ins also got a touch of Christmas with the addition of white pine clippings and vintage candles…

…and subtle, rustic, Christmas decor like this galvanized funnel tree.  This idea came from a similar one I saw on pinterest.

Every nook & cranny is outfitted with a collection of old ornaments.

Christmas sweaters are optional but certainly encouraged over here.

Thanks for stopping by our Christmas home where life is currently in progress.

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3 thoughts on “my Christmas home tour

  1. I didn’t get around to doing a tour either but at least you got yours together. Your home looks so pretty and ready for a visit from Santa. I really love all of your built-ins. Enjoy your home all decorated! It’s no fun undecorating for me in January – I’d leave the tree up for a while if I could.

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