last pick of the year

Wow!  What a Christmas I had.  We moved non-stop from home to home and saw many of our friends and family members.  It was delightful…and exhausting.  I have to admit that I was obviously a very good girl this year.  That was evident by all of the great gifts I received including a new bike!  My first sewing machine.  And a projector (more about that later).  I am so thankful for my family’s generosity.  I hope you enjoyed an equally nice holiday with your loved ones.  Did you give or receive any fabulous gifts this year?

Speaking of this year, it is rapidly winding down.  Only a few days left in 2011.  With that said, I have my final treasure post of the year to share.  You may recall from last week’s junking post, that I connected with someone who had additional items for me to go back to pick up.  I got them up just before the holiday and snapped a few pics to share with you.  They’re pretty grimy so bear with me and I promise I will post something pretty tomorrow…

This large cabinet is falling apart in a few places

…but has great details so I think I am going to take it apart and salvage the wood for future projects.

While we’re talking salvage, let me show you some great architectural pieces I scored. This little wooden bracket thingy.  Future bookend…

This gingerbread detail will make a cool shelf bracket.

And I just love this ornate piece of wood. I think it must’ve been part of an old headboard. I plan to make a sign out of it.

Whenever I spy a wooden oar, I can never leave it behind. This one is a coastal blue.

Onto the mirror section…I picked up a small Edwardian mirror with beveled glass. The back is stamped 1905.  That is Wilson’s profile.  He is not camera shy.  As if you didn’t already know that. 

This is a full length mirror. It is very old and very heavy. It’s going to be re-homed in our master bedroom just as soon as we figure out the best way to support its weight.  (Don’t judge the mess behind me.)

Gorgeous old details.  Perfectly distressed.

That’s it for 2011 finds. I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!

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