Hey there my vintage loving friends!  I am in between lots of projects and have nothing final to share today.  But I do have winners to announce…Kelly, Holly & Kate have each snagged themselves a pair of Philly Home Show tickets.  Enjoy ladies!

If you are planning on going, you can buy discount tickets before the show here.

Oh! I do have a teaser for a project that I am working on.  I hear the peacock is totally going to take over the owl in popularity this year.  I am getting in on the fun early!  Stay tuned for this project reveal.

And while I have your attention, may I share some totally useless yet comical pop culture? 

Yesterday I met with a British woman and we got on the topic of  television shows.  Now I don’t watch too much TV but when I do it is bad, very bad.  Like Kardashian and Snooki bad.  I try to help it but I can’t.  At least I realize I have a problem.  Anyway, did you know that the UK has their own terrible version of Jersey Shore called Geordie Shore?  Way to go MTV.  This gave me a good laugh.  I think I need to see just one episode.

I’ll be back tomorrow with something more constructive. Promise.

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