walk on the wild side

Seriously.  Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to cover this vanity stool in remnants of an old bedspread?  Eww.

Not only was there the hideous bedding situation but there were other layers of funky fabric under there including something resembling pink vinyl.  Probably the original upholstery on the seat.  And none other than a white cotton t-shirt.  Yes a t-shirt.  I think that was maybe used as some sort of batting.  I dunno.

Lo and behold we finally got to the bare bones.  I say “we” because my darling Ryan kindly pried out every tack and staple for me while I went shopping for…wait for it…leopard fabric!

This sweet vintage stool has been through so much with those awful layers of hideous fabric.  It only seemed right that she be reborn with some wild animal print.

Check out the metal twisty legs. Love.

She’s so cute smiling from that corner.  I might have to keep her.  The new and improved stool would be perfect in just about any room to give it a punch of femininity.   I can even see her as the star in a big, stark white bathroom beside a clawfoot tub.  If only I had a clawfoot tub…

Happy weekend!

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5 thoughts on “walk on the wild side

  1. I picked up the same little vanity stool at a junk store! It is covered with a dark green toilet seat cover…yuck! I had plans to cover it with cheetah fabric. Too funny!!

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