reclaiming philly

Hello there!  I am excited to tell you about my shopping trip on Saturday.  It wasn’t my normal crack of dawn estate sale or flea market kind of Saturday.  They’re not too prevalent in January so I took to junking in doors.  I went to not one, but two salvages.  That’s my kind of day!

Let’s review the pics!  I started my day at the fairly new Philadelphia Salvage in Mt. Airy.  I was chomping at the bit to get in the door and was literally waiting on their stoop for them to open up shop.  Nerd alert.

I was delighted by the rows and rows of salvaged old windows. 

They had everything from reclaimed wood

to tile

to claw feet.

An airborne vintage bicycle. Why not?

Corbels…love. I want to hug them. That’s not creepy at all.

Wouldn’t this fab green mantel make a fun headboard with an upholstered center?

And these wheels – how about a pot rack?

Love the roman numerals on this stone stating the year the once standing building was built. How about making it a coffee table now?Lay it down and put a piece of glass on it.

I can keep going. The pew seems more suitable for a restaurant because of its size. Maybe a breakfast bar or divider.

I could have rummaged through Philadelphia Salvage all day for more treasures and conceptualized repurposed projects but I had to move on. I left the charming block in Mt. Airy with materials for my next project. Stay tuned on that front.

Lucky for me though I ended up in a similar salvage on the other side of the city, in Port Richmond, just a few hours later. I was in heaven. Two architectural salvage shops in one day? I didn’t even plan this! My friends and I visited Restore of Philadelphia (not to be confused with Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore) to reclaim more of the city for another upcycled project that will be shared soon. Of course, I was easily distracted by the rows of neatly organized old doors. Imagine all of the headboards in their future.

This shop offers two whole floors of shopping.  Why buy new when you can buy character?

It is like organized chaos in these salvages.  What a perfect day for a junker!

If you are not from Philly, do you have any awesome architectural salvage shops like these in your city?

9 thoughts on “reclaiming philly

  1. I wish we had a salvage store like that here in southeast Michigan. Ours is in Ann Arbor and is all ‘pretty-fied’ (nothing stacked and nothing to dig through). The prices are pretty-fied to match! Thanks for sharing it.

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