i’m floored

We’ve got a new addition in our living room. The space is really starting to come together. I’m so happy with it.  It is filled with lots of warm colors, woods and rustic accents.  Just a few more tweaks and it will be perfect…and then I will probably start all over again.  Kidding!

Did you spot the new addition?  Hint…

It all started back in September with a beautiful afternoon on the lake. And my obsession with that set of adorably worn vintage chairs. A photoshoot quickly ensued that afternoon and we ended up with a perfect picture of us, the chairs and the season – all growing old. Tear.

In December I edited the photo to highlight the warm colors of the natural backdrop and ordered a large print with the intention of hanging it over the loveseat there.

Once the photo was in my hot little hands, I labored over what frame to display it in. I went back and forth to box stores trying to find the right frame. I came up short more than once and finally realized that the look I wanted was not a cheap mass-produced frame. They were so overpriced for the quality. It was disappointing so I took to what I know…junking.

A handmade wood frame was more up my alley which brings me to my post on Monday about my trip to Philadelphia Salvage last weekend. Once I decided that reclaimed wood was the framing material of choice, I thought why don’t we just make it? Ryan was on board (ha get it? board) with making it so I happily salvaged away for the perfect pieces. I climbed the top of that pile with my Mike Wolfe picking prowess.  (Not really.)

I had barnwood in mind because I wanted a rough, worn texture.  But would you believe me if I tell you that the frame is made of old wooden floor boards and trim? I know I still can’t believe it either! Floor boards as in walked all over for 100 plus years and then salvaged from an old Philadelphia house and now hanging on my wall making art.

Ryan crafted my vision into a reality with a miter box and saw. The scratched up pine flooring makes a perfect frame with shoe molding serving as the white matting inside and corner molding accenting the exterior.  Plus the red undertones subtly match the living room. Insert glass and done!

I love it! Move over barnwood, old flooring has made its framing debut!

Check back tomorrow for more reclaimed wood in the 2nd follow up post on the pallet wood backsplash.

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5 thoughts on “i’m floored

  1. This is sooo great,only thing missing was Wilson sitting next to you!!! I just love the picture and the frame is awsome.

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