jonesin for junk

I set out on a mission to find some cold weather junk this weekend.  Boy, am I looking forward to spring picking but in the meantime here is what I’ve got to tide me over.

Did you see the scale? I’ve been having luck finding these old cast iron scales over the last few months.

This one is from the 1930s and weighs over/under 1 ounce. I think it was used for candy but not sure. Anyone out there know what it was used for?

Another day, another mason jar.

This one is extra special and really caught by eye because it has my birthday on it.  Nov 30th, see? I am going to make it into a lotion dispenser for our bathroom.

Did you see the extra chippy chair? It came out of an old farmhouse.

It needs to be cleaned up big time but look at all of the colors peeking out from under the chippy paint.

And finally a huge old tarnished tray. This baby is heavy. I’ve got lots of ideas for it and love the fact that it is tarnished.  It will not be getting polished.

Did you rescue any good vintage this weekend?

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