drifting away

Good day friends!  Is anyone else out there dreaming of summer? 
Cocktails outside.  Long, lingering sunny days.  Bright blooming flowers. 
And of course anything beach side.

I sure am!  I had a styrofoam tree leftover from Christmas crafting. I never got to this one and rather than tucking it away into the Christmas bins for next year, I decided to make a year ’round project with the tree form and splash some more sunny beach decor into the house.

I collected some small pieces of driftwood from the beach and I will admit I bought some as well.  The pieces needed to be just 2-4 inches long.

I started at the base of the tree hot gluing bulkier pieces neatly together and working my way up.  The pieces have to fit together like a puzzle as to not expose the styrofoam in between.  The driftwood pieces should also hang over the edge of the tree base a bit for a natural shape.  Keep gluing round and round til you get to the top!

The last step to making a driftwood tree is to adhere a flat round piece of driftwood to the bottom to create the tree stump.

Finally, shop a spot around the house to display the driftwood tree all year!

Are we any closer to summer yet?

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2 thoughts on “drifting away

  1. love this – I have lots of driftwood pieces with no purpose – very timely, am now going to make a driftwood tree.Thank you thank you thank you.

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