presidents, cowboys & soldiers

Happy Presidents Day!

I enjoyed a weekend with friends bay side in Cape May.  I love a winter beach weekend.  You just can’t go wrong with some fresh sea air any time of year.  Fortunately, I learned that I am Rummy Master.  Who knew?  I can’t stop playing the card game.  I’m hooked.  Ryan, on the other hand, has had enough of it so let me know if you want to play.

Needless to say my junk haul was light but I managed to scoop a few vintage goodies throughout the week…

I love anything with a little chicken wire…still.  I have a coordinating drawer set to go with this guy.

Itty bitty vintage leather driving gloves. Yes please.

I’ve had a slight obsession with plaid wool fabrics and blankets this winter. I just keep adding to the stock pile. Maybe one of these days I will come up with a great project. In the meantime, I love to admire them all piled up.

Even better when they have the original yellowing tag.

A fabulous pair of vintage Dan Post cowboy boots in a much desired burgundy color. Unfortunately these are not my size but a men’s size 10 (womens 12ish) so they are up on etsy.  If only…

And my favorite find is yet another piece of military memorabilia. Who know I was so into military?  Remember my much loved foot locker? I certainly love all of the warm army greens and the typography. This canvas knapsack belonged to a soldier perhaps around the era of the Korean War.

Not exactly sure but the original tag is still in tact…sort of.  And I can make out a date of birth of 1934.  Looks like he was from NJ.  If you can tell me anything else about the era of this carryall from the style or graphics, please share! 

Hope you have a great week and perhaps you are even enjoying a long weekend with the observation of Presidents Day today!

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