designs adrift

You’ve got to see this!

So I was perusing my new copy of Coastal Living over the weekend and came across a gem of an article.

 On page 34, the magazine featured a carpenter/sculptor who works exclusively with driftwood.  Michael Fleming of Designs Adrift is quite the artist.  I am stunned and just had to share.  Check out his sculpted horse!

Yep, makes my lil’ old driftwood tree seem so amateur.  Well,  I suppose that I am an amateur driftwood sculptor, aren’t I?  Can I even use the word sculptor to describe myself?

Anywho, here are some more images of what this guy can do with driftwood.  A lamp?  Yes, driftwood!  Truly amazing…

And furniture too. I would love to have this club chair in our beach house guest room…or anywhere for that matter.  Swoon!

His process is quite involved from hauling a large backpack along the coast of Maine we he harvests the pieces to allowing the driftwood to cure for months. He certainly captures all the beauty driftwood offers by transforming them into practical and gorgeous home decor.

Just had to share friends!  I heart driftwood.  That’s all.

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