spring is in the air

Another stunning 60 degree day is upon us here in PA.  Daffodils are starting to bloom and crocuses are taking over damp yards.  It is amazing considering it is only late February.  Mother Nature is about 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule but who can argue with her?

Late winter also brings Mud Sale Auctions to the Amish community in Lancaster county.  I had never heard of these sales until a friend clued me in.  I really am a city girl at heart and this seems to be a country tradition.  None the less, I was on board for scouting new junk after a slow winter.

I wish I could tell you that I have pics of the event to share but out of respect for the Amish and their culture, I left my camera behind.  They don’t like to be photographed. 

The experience was both exciting and completely overwhelming for a first timer.  What I imagine childbirth to be like.  (Did I just compare an auction to childbirth?)  Anyway, I was picturing a flea market with an auction rolled in and maybe some farm animals for sale.  Boy, was I wrong!  The entire sale was a multitude of auctions.  I tried to count them all.  I got up to ten.  Ten auctions going on simultaneously on the grounds of a firehouse in a quaint little town.  The town was debilitated due to the event.  For those living near the firehouse, their street may have been closed.  It reminded me of 4th of July fireworks.  Masses of people walking through town to get close to the show. 

We parked about a mile and half away.  By the way, it wasn’t a warm 60 degrees like today but a windy 35.  There were no less than 2000 people attending the auctions.  They were bidding on quilts, furniture, junk, farm equipment, antiques, country crafts.  You name it.  Just start bidding.  I was thrilled to get in on the auction action.  I started out small and won this metal tool box.

Filled with tools.

Exhilarating!  I went for a larger handmade wooden tool caddy. 

Also filled with tools.  Wow, was this heavy.

I quickly realized that logistics were not on my side.  How would we get this stuff back to the car parked across town?  Dozens of Amish boys were scooting around on wooden wagons.  (If only I had a picture to share!) We could always ask one of them to cart it on his wagon.  It seemed like that’s what they were there for.  But do you tip them?  Are they allowed to accept money?  Do I need to know how to speak Pennsylvania Dutch?  I really need to brush up on my Amish etiquette before the next sale.

I wasn’t leaving without bidding on this old galvanized Pensupreme milk box though.  I love the graphics and thankfully I won. 

We carried “my winnings” back to the car.  I am working on a logistical game plan for the next auction because it was a junker’s paradise.  I might even bid on a mule.  I’m also brushing up on my Pennsylvania Dutch.

Kidding about the mule.


Oh and the winner for the Sleek and Unique peacock coaster set is….drumroll please….Portia Nicole!

3 thoughts on “spring is in the air

  1. DM- it looks like you scored some pretty good stuff! Can’t wait to meet up with you at a mud sale later this season.

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