who’s walking who

Remember that pile of projects I showed you last week?  Well I didn’t make much progress on those this weekend.  Instead I started new ones!  Typical.  We painted lots of things too – a frame, a door, a dresser, a sign.  Ace has a new paint out, Clark + Kensington.  On Saturday, they were giving out free quarts of any color you choose.  Let’s just say we may have gone back more than once.  Now we’ve just added to the long list of in progress projects.  Details to come, of course.

Let me get to the eye candy of the post – the week’s vintage finds.  My favorite time of the week is sharing the loot here and now!

The top score was this oh so very cool drink cart.  I have a weak spot for these little carts but rarely do I buy them.  The price was right so I snatched it up before I even knew if it fit in my car. 

It didn’t.  Luckily we (my trusty assistant, Wilson, and I) were right down the street from home.  So there I am wheeling this thing 2 blocks while walking a very curious beagle who is stopping to sniff every 5 feet.  His leash is getting all caught in the cart’s wheels and what not.  Our trio of human, canine and cart was quite the sight.  Can you say hot mess?

Since we all made it home in one piece, particularly the cart, the question now is do I leave the chipping black metal in its current state of vintage loveliness or do I paint is some fabulously chic color like aqua?  Or pink?  Please weigh in with your vote.

Other finds of the week include some nearly seasonal drinking glasses now available on etsy for those wishing to have a blooming garden at their fingertips.

And bright orange linens.

I’ve been into orange lately.  Plus some old wooden shoe stretchers.

And a super heavy typewriter.

With beveled glass sides.

Happy Monday!

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