shades of aqua at the beach

It’s no secret that I love the vintage vibe aqua gives off in a beach house.  There is just something so throwback and coastal about the cool blue color.  Plus it is calming which is exactly how you should feel at the beach.  Just look at these inspiring bedrooms featuring aqua found on pinterest


Be still my beating heart.  Be still.

So I’ve got a new-to-us aqua addition in our little beach bungalow.  Of the vintage variety of course. Just how it should be.  I love chenille blankets and was thrilled to find this one with tons of fringe!

It makes the perfect messy throw in our master bedroom which is done in seaglass and driftwood.  I have so many favorites in this room but this blanket is on the top of the list right now.  Smitten!

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8 thoughts on “shades of aqua at the beach

  1. love it – the room looks great! Love the aqua & tan combo. My bedroom is aqua even though I’m in the middle of the city — it is calming! (I also read all of your posts in you voice 🙂 )

    1. I found it at a vintage shop. I haven’t seen this color since but I do have a pink one & a yellow one just like it for sale.

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