Hey there!  I can’t even believe that it is mid-March already.  When did this happen?  I was still waiting for this season’s blizzard to hit but I guess it’s not happening considering we’ve had a couple of 70 degree days in a row.  I’m not complaining though because I love this early spring weather.  In fact, I have been inspired to work with lots of green and yellow lately with the early onset of spring.

Anyway, I’ve got a furniture transformation for you today. Yay! It comes with a bit of a back story so bear with me and we’ll get to the pretty after pics.

Ok, remember the room without a closet? Which is now a room with a closet.

It is the guest room at the beach house and when it didn’t have a closet it looked like this.  Bor-ing!

That old 1930s kids dresser was cool but it didn’t do much for the room and guests never used the drawers. So we got a closet up in there. Which seemed more practical because people like to hang up certain things when they come to visit like their yachting clothes. Plus there is a shelf in case they want to tuck something away.  Side note:  I am thinking of a little coastal gallery wall above that chair.  That’s why I haven’t removed that nail.  I need to collect some little pics and make it happen, don’t ya think?

Ok. Ok. I digress.  So that left us with an extra piece of furniture on our hands. Enter my friend who just moved and was in need of a dresser for her new digs.  Presto! New dresser with lots of character.

This one started with a coat of ASCP Antibes Green which is super bright.  It got toned down though.  Obv.  I went with a layering technique and added Versailles over it applying more paint in the centers and doing a dry brush technique on the edges to get the distressed action happening early.  I love how many shades of brown, green and khaki seem to come through.

Then I sanded the crap out of it.  Seriously.  I sanded ’til my muscles ached to get a smooth finish with just the right amount of bright green and natural wood peeking out.

But wait that’s not all…

Clear coat of wax.  And buffing.  Equals more muscle work out.


By the way, I love the keyholes. They pop out of the light paint now.

And finally I took the original knobs, cleaned ’em up and dark waxed ’em so they’d pop.  At 5:30 in the morning for some strange reason.


So I’m calling this one chameleon because the paint combination is really reflective of the space it is in. It is very light in these photos, sometimes almost looking like the cream wall behind it.  But when we got it into my friend’s brown and tan bedroom – boom!  The green just popped.  Fun!

Let me know if you are in need of a furniture refresher.  Or furniture at all.  I can help.  I have been hoarding other unpainted pieces just waiting for inspiration!

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10 thoughts on “chameleon

  1. Reblogged this on Circa Dee and commented:

    Someone just virtually tapped me on the shoulder and let me know that Annie Sloan Unfolded featured this Antibes Green & Versailles dresser makeover of mine on their Facebook page this morning. Um, squeal. I’m certainly honored to have my work mentioned by the Chalk Paint masters!
    And since I didn’t have anything pressing scheduled for today’s blog and people seem to want to know the method to the madness on this dresser, please enjoy a re-run of the original post from March 2012. Just skip over me rambling on about the weather and the state of that room circa 2012 because I’m currently working on re-doing it AGAIN anyway. More to come on that front.
    Happy painting, my friends.

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