a diamond in the rough

I have sat down to write this post over and over again.  I really don’t even know where to start so I figured I will go from the beginning…If you have been following along here, you probably know that we were on spring break last week.  It was a much-needed break!  I traded in my laptop for a suitcase and my paint brushes for a car.  We took off on a road trip down the east coast and back.  Ryan, Wilson and me.  We couldn’t leave the little bugger at home so his bed took up the back seat.  The pup was definitely the most comfortable in the car.

The first leg of the trip was a 10 hour drive from Philadelphia to Charlotte.  We spent the day and night with family friends in their gorgeous home.  We could have stayed there all week and watched the creatures that inhabit and visit their wooded backyard.  Deer came right up to the deck to feed.

But our main destination was just another 4 hours south in Savannah where we spent 4 days and 3 nights.  I was so excited to return to the historic, haunted and romantic city and to share it with Ryan for the first time.  So was everyone else apparently.  The city was swamped.  It was hot.  Crowded.  In retrospect this part of the trip definitely did not go as planned.  Every time we ate out, our food orders got messed up.  Yes, every time!  We couldn’t find parking.  It was just not what I had in mind for a relaxing vacation.  Although I do still love the city!  We did enjoy some cool evening strolls around town when many tourists went back to their hotels for the night.  We equally admired the architecture of the grand old mansions and the worn down centuries old warehouses on River Street.

In addition, we spent a day on Tybee Island which is just about 30 minutes from the city.  Now this was exactly what I imagined.  An adorable vintage beach town chock full of cute cottages boasting bright colors and complementary names.

However, Tybee’s beaches aren’t pet friendly so we couldn’t visit the shore with Wilson as we hoped.  We checked out the lighthouse and then hit a state park where we could admire the Spanish moss dripping from live oaks plus tropical palmetto trees.

But don’t worry, I had plenty of sweet tea, cornbread and lots of great antiquing!  I will be back with details on some of my favorite stores and finds in another post.

After Savannah, we were looking forward to heading north to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia where we could leave the crowded city.  The area was gorgeous but the cabin I booked was not.  We didn’t even bother staying in the filthy, spider infested home.  I have the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

We cut that leg of the trip off and headed straight home to spend the remainder of our vacation in Cape May.  When we go to our own beach bungalow on Thursday, all 3 of us were ecstatic.  Home sweet home.  Sometimes you wonder, why change what’s not broken?  We set off on an adventure when all we really needed was some down time together in our favorite place.  It wasn’t all down time of course being the worker bees that we are.  I immediately got to junking and painting.  I missed my routine after all!

On Saturday night, the eve of the last day of spring break, we took a walk on the beach at sunset as we do so often.  I was getting down about going back to work and leaving our great (or not so great) adventure behind.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky or another person on “our” beach.  The, ahem, 3 of us walked along talking about what’s next.  I was wearing one of my very best work outfits.  This one consisted of hot pink tattered sweat pants streaked in paint and crusted with wood glue.  (I really want to set the mood for you here.)  After commenting on how much I needed to change out of those clothes and shower, Ryan dropped down on one knee and proposed to me with a beautiful princess cut diamond.  Of course I said yes and Wilson did a happy dance too.  It was just so us as we watched the sun finally set and light up the sky in shades of orange in Cape May – our favorite place.

So that’s our spring break story. We’re getting married!!!!!!

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22 thoughts on “a diamond in the rough

  1. such a fitting engagement for a wonderful couple! cannot wait to follow the wedding plans and just know it will be full of personal touches!

  2. Although I am a committed follower of your blog, I saved my first comment for today.
    I am so happy for you both. It sounds like a perfect ending to your spring break!

  3. Im glad i’m not the only one who just shed a tear! Great recap of the week a perfect happy ending!!

  4. Great engagement story! and love your vacation pictures! The crowds were in Savannah for the Masters (which is in Augusta, but nobody stays there)

  5. Congratulations! That is so funny you had your painting clothes on! When my husband proposed to me, he took me away for the weekend (a surprise trip for me) to the glaciers in the South Island of New Zealand. it was the first anniversary of us becoming a couple 🙂 In my shock and surprise I didn’t manage to pack very well, and left my nice clothes, and all my makeup and hair products at home. And I only took the footwear I happened to be wearing – jandals. The actual proposal happened on top of Fox Glacier after a helicopter ride up there, totally awesome BUT I still cringe at the fact my hair and face looked very average, as did my choice of clothes, AND I had to wear hubby’s sneakers as jandals and icy glaciers really don’t mix. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last October. It was nice to know my husband loves me for who I am, not what I am wearing…same as yours 🙂

    xx Karen

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