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I want to thank everyone for all of the kind words and outpour of love.  The response to our engagement as been just so overwhelming!  I apologize that I haven’t responded to each comment, email and message individually.  It is a very exciting time for us and we really appreciate the support!

Oh and you may be interested to see that I added a pic of me in the now infamous pink sweatpants on the engagement post.  You can get a glimpse of us just minutes before the proposal and have a look-see at the atrocious pants.  I also added the perfect sunset pic.  Anyway, enough out about my poor fashion choice. 

Back to some vintage treasures!

A simple project today!  A little bit of paint goes a loooong way.

A couple of years ago I picked up this large, old trunk at a yard sale for dirt cheap.  Since then it has played cocktail table on the screened in deck at our Cape May home.  It has great features and I love the big dovetail construction.  But it was the color of dirt.

On a whim last weekend, I decided it was time to de-dirtify the look of the trunk. The mousey brown just didn’t cut it. I dry brushed on some ASCP cream allowing the brown to still show through.

I went right over the hardware in some places but also allowed the grain of the wood to pop.

It really visually lightens the place up now as the cream color recedes right into the wall of the house. The trunk suddenly seems less bulky.

I love how the sides turned out.

To finish it off, I sanded with a fine grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface.  No wax on this rustic piece! 

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4 thoughts on “lighten up

  1. I love how this outside living space is really coming together. Love the look of that trunk with the paint, so rustic! Great job!!

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