rain dance

Don’t fret my vintage loving friends! I know I am late out of the gate with a post this week but man am I pooped!  Sunday’s Clover Market was a success and I haven’t exactly recovered yet.  The day started out with a shower but cleared up in no time and was unseasonably warm.  Actually I might even call it hot.  It felt like summer!  But then again winter here was like spring so why wouldn’t spring be like summer?  I wonder if that means summer will be like fall or just really, really hot.

Ok anyway…you’re looking at pics of my space.  I didn’t get out to take pics elsewhere in the market.  Bummer because I know there were a ton of awesome vendors there with amazing popup shops.  I was also super excited to meet some blog-friends in real life.  Great meeting you Holly, Angela & Susan!  Blogging is like having ePen Pals I tell ya.

Oh here is some never-seen-before-on-the-blog furniture.  This dry sink went from oaky blah to whitewashed and golden.  It was the perfect display for the popular canning jar soap dispensers.

Do you loyal readers remember my score a few weeks ago and my struggle getting the mid-century bar cart home?  If not, read here for a good laugh on my account. 

I was going to repaint the chipping cart.  Once I started prepping the cart and removing the paint, I was delighted to find super sexy Mad Men-esque chrome under the chipping paint.  Here’s a peek at the cart’s make under.  A lovely gal with a good eye took the cart and that Argentinian seltzer bottle home early in the day.  Good finds!

Well that about does it for pictures from Clover.  I only managed to snap a few during set up.  The next event will be on May 6th. 

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