fresh off the truck

Just another manic Monday. I wish it was Sunday.

The weekend flew by. Probably because I packed a week’s worth of activity into 48 hours. In reverse: another successful Clover Market. A wedding. A road trip to Maryland and back. A girl’s night. And buying.

How am I still standing? Ok I’m sitting. Who types standing up anyway?

I still managed to pick up some pretty great vintage finds along the way. A few that I may not want to part with…

Darling little nesting tables with glass tops. They need just a little work to be garden party perfect.

Oh how I love an old chicken coop. Like love love. The faded color and wear of this one is just right. Just right for a new life as a coffee table.

It was a big day when I found my first ever vintage Florida linens. I’ve long admired the kitschy style that is so often reproduced but this set is the real deal from the 1950’s. Tablecloth and tea towel.

And my final fave is this old box. Have you ever seen anything like it? They’re rare to come across out there.

It is an old delivery box that the bread man would’ve used before they switched to corrugated boxes. I can not find anything on T & C Baking Company though. Is anyone out there familiar with the brand? If so, please share. In the meantime I am admiring the advertising graphics and of course the perfect wear.

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