happy mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mamas out there…new, expecting and grand!  I seem to have them all in my life and I truly hope you enjoyed your day ladies.

This post is getting up a bit late because I didn’t want to spoil my own mother’s present as she is an avid blog reader.

My mom requested a new-to-her chair for her computer desk an eternity ago.  I won’t mention the fact that this was meant to be a gift for her last Christmas.  Oh, I guess I just mentioned it.  Better late than never.  She really deserves a new seat to perch herself on after all that she puts up with from me!  Let’s just say that she is a workhorse when it comes to completing projects for me, the driver.  A volunteer workhorse at that.  Thanks Mom!

Anyway, this long forgotten dining room chair made the transformation to funky desk chair with a base coat of ASCP Pure White.  The legs and top were dipped in ASCP Arles then it was all clear waxed.  Just the Arles was hit with a little dark wax. Have I mentioned how much I love the color Arles lately?  I seem to use it on every other project.  It is so versatile.

I distressed it in a few random spots allowing some white and natural wood to show through the Arles.

The seat was completely rebuilt from plywood.  Then stuffed and recovered with a fun, bright floral fabric.  Sorry but there’s no before pic for this one.  Use your imagination. Brown chair, no seat.

So tell me, how was your mother’s day?

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