Ok so it’s the beginning of the week.  The part where I usually post some highlights of vintage treasures we scored over the last week.  Historically I snap a pretty little picture of the new acquisitions together and call it a day.  Something certainly has changed though.  Somewhere along the way this went from a hobby of treasure hunting to a full blown business with an urgency to source new inventory.  Last week alone we brought 3 truckloads home!   The hunt is definitely my favorite part!

Yes, bungee cords are our friends.  You can expect to see all of this neatly organized at the new brick & mortar opening soon.

If you are considering turning a hobby into a business, you’ve got to be head over heels in love with it.  Seven days a week.  At least in the beginning anyway.  It’s true what they say:  Love what you do.  Do what you love.

There are plenty of blogs out there about turning your passion into a business so let’s see if I can just get you some treasure highlights today, shall we?

Here’s a sampling of last week’s stash.

Seriously just a sampling…old, cast iron urn.  I can’t wait to plant this baby.

Would you believe that this is the first vintage clock I ever bought?

I know it is about to be summer but I have been on a wool blanket kick lately.  This is the 3rd one I got in a week and about the 5th in a month.  Who could resist this vintage Orrlaskan though?  It’s hot!  Get it? Hot!  Ok moving on…

Adorable old painted stool.

Lanterns always make it home with me.

Is it too soon to start thinking about Christmas displays?  You’ll see these ice skates again in December.

My favorite find is most definitely this large ice chest on wheels!  Perfect for summer parties poolside.

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