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A few weeks ago (actually more like over a month ago) we went on a road trip to Savannah and I promised some antiquing highlights.  I went to a ton of stores as the area is swarming with all types of antique, vintage & decor  shops.  I snapped a few pics as I oohed and ahhed my way through the region.  So here are my top 5 based on the shops I visited…

Where:  As the name implies, 37th at Abercorn in Savannah

Style: Designer House Co-op

What to expect:  A huge Southern house transformed into a cooperative of antiques and designer vintage.  You will flow from room to room discovering a different style in each (and not knowing how to get out).  This house is seriously huge.  There is also original art and jewelry and and vintage clothes and a garden area and I could go on.  You can easily decorate your entire home from this store.

What to love about it:  37th & Abercorn has partnered with the Humane Society of Greater Savannah devoting an entire room to the cause.  Treasures sold in the room where donated to the Society.

Where:  The Paris Market is in downtown Savannah at 36 W. Broughton St.

Style:  Ok so this store is not really an antique store at all but more of a retail store with a lot of cool reproduction pieces mixed in with original collections.  Think Anthropologie or Terrain with a Parisian spin.

What to expect:  Two floors of treasures styled just perfectly.  Exposed beams and stone walls create the perfect backdrop for changing displays.  Of course I loved the French coastal thing they had going on when I was there.

What to love about it: You feel like you’re in Paris yet you haven’t left the East Coast.

Where:  Take a day trip over to Tybee Island and don’t miss Seaside Sisters on the way in at 1207 Highway 80 East.

Style: Part gift shop, part antique co-op

What to expect:  Vintage coastal decor probably right out of old Tybee Island cottages or Florida before Disney.  Lots of bright colors, wicker, bark cloth and other linens.  Do I dare say shabby chic?  You’ll want to buy a beach house just so you have a place to put all of your new, brightly colored treasures.

What to love about it: My favorite author, Mary Kay Andrews, sells her found treasures (and books) here.  In fact, you’re looking at her space above.  She does book signings and other events at the shop.  The owner was so sweet to offer to have Mary Kay sign my book for me.  Side note, I can’t wait for her new book Spring Fever to come out next month!

Where:  Pinch of the Past is located at 2603 Whitaker Street in Savannah and they’ve got 2nd & 3rd locations in Greensboro, GA & Madison, GA

Style:  Architectural salvage & restoration

What to expect:  I love a good salvage yard but that is only the beginning.  The building is a huge old factory with a few levels.  It is neatly organized with everything from plumbing fixtures to lumber to hardware.  Expect to restore your home from this shop.

What to love about it:  Surprise!  There is a mezzanine level filled with unexpected vintage housewares organized in an antique co-op store way.

Where:  As the name implies Habersham Antiques is located at 2502 Habersham St. in Savannah.

Style:  Traditional antique mall with endless rows of booths

What to expect:  Find a great mix of vintage and antiques covering the genres.  Each of the 70 vendors seems to have their own specialty so there is something for everyone.

What to love about it:  It is not often in antique malls that you find neatly staged booths where vendors have an eye for display.  I was also very pleased with the prices here.

Writing this post has made me want to revisit the area and explore the nearly 40 antique and vintage shops.  I know I only scratched the surface in the 3 days we were in the region.  On our way back home we visited the famed Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke, VA.  Check out that post if you missed it!

What is your favorite region for treasure hunting?

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