celebrating a birday

Good day friends! Remember how I mentioned we celebrated a whole bunch of birthdays over the weekend? Yeah? Well, Friday was Ryan’s dad’s bday. He’s a bit of a backyard ornithologist. He’s got a collection of birdhouses and bird feeders that his feathered friends flock too. His yard is a great spot for bird watching. Soooo we decided to add to the collection with a touch of Circa Dee.

That’s right we gifted him a handmade bird house for his birday.

Made entirely from reclaimed wood with fabulous colors and texture.

The bird house has some history, naturally…remember our spindle candlesticks?

They were upcycled from this old Victorian porch railing.

After pulling the spindles apart, we did not waste the railing.  That became the chunky “front door” for the birdhouse with 2 openings.

And in case you were wondering, this bird house is a duplex.

Surprise there is a pop of yellow on the back!  The yellow and green walls are old wide flooring probably also from a porch.

There’s the master craftsman at work.  Rumor has it that there will be more reclaimed birdhouses coming to Circa Dee!

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2 thoughts on “celebrating a birday

  1. I cleaned out my basement in January and got rid of about 10 birdhouses! Of course, now I’m kicking myself (but I didn’t want to turn into the crazy hoarder lady)!

    I may have to find myself some spindles and whip one of these beauties up (but first I need a master craftsman of my own)!

  2. Great pic of your master crafsman, he did a wonderful job on the birdhouse,he’s a keeper for sure!!

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