shop update

Have I been mum on the ol’ brick & mortar lately?  Maybe a little?  Well I am here with an update.  Just 2 weeks to go until Circa Dee: BRICK & MORTAR is revealed to the whole wide world!

Ok maybe that’s a bit much but seriously we’re excited to open up shop and have been busy bees getting ready.

We’ve got a little sign up.

And a chalkboard letting people know when to expect us.

And much, much more but I can’t let you in just yet.  You’ll have to wait and see what’s inside.  Just 2 weeks.

I will tell you that we’ll be stocking some amazing goods beyond just Circa Dee vintage.  Get excited people!

We’re bringing you joeyfivecents one of a kind jewelry

Poppies & Petals handmade cards

Duke & Winston clothing line

Open Eyes Press printing & handmade crafts.

Woo hoo!  You know what’s awesome about all of these products?  They’re handmade locally by small businesses with an eye for vintage style.  I heart small businesses.  Keep an eye on who were stocking on the right sidebar.  Yeah, over there under “Now Stocking”.  I know.  We’re getting fancy here.

I’m seriously so ready to shop my own store.

After you come visit us at our Grand Opening on June 8th, 9th 0r 10th, stop by our neighbors at Fabulous Folks – a unique gift shop.

Don’t leave the kids and hubs at home.  I’m sure they’ll love fishing the stocked pond at Center Point Pond just behind our shop allowing you more time to peruse all of the vintage lovelies!

What do you think?  You’ll make a day of it, right?

Here’s the address: 1814 Valley Forge Road, Worcester, PA and all shop details can be found here.

See you soon…

4 thoughts on “shop update

  1. i can’t wait to come see! are you going to be open all the time, or once a month? i can’t come when you open because we have dance rehearsal and recital that weekend. 😦

    1. Hi Cassie! We will only be open once a month at this point. The sales will be loosely themed so maybe July or August! I think we’re a couple of hours from you, right? Are you ever in PA?

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