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Hello there!  I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and got some R&R.  We took a little time off from our never-ending to-do list.  Opening up a store, no matter the size, certainly can occupy your time.  Believe me.  There are friends I haven’t spoken to in weeks since I signed the lease.  (Sorry guys.)  And all of our fun house projects have gone to the wayside.

Until last week.

We squeaked in one lighting project that has been on my wish list for the last year since we moved in.  I have shared very few pictures of our kitchen on the blog. (Not to be confused with the beach house kitchen and the nearly famous pallet backsplash that is one of the most read posts here.)  Our full-time home is a 1949 Cape Cod with the original kitchen in place for the most part.  I love that no one gutted it in the last 60 years.  It has all of the charm of the original kitchen with some modernizations in paint and appliances.  Over the sink was a nondescript fluorescent light.  Eww.  I never liked it and visualized cute pendant lights since the day we moved in.

Back in December, I picked up a few perfectly old galvanized funnels.  I knew these would make fabulous light fixtures for the kitchen.  They did some moonlighting as a junky Christmas tree first and then sat in a box for a few months.

Now they hang proudly and illuminate the sink and counter.

Ryan flexed his electrical skills by wiring the 3 lights into the power source.  I may or may not have stood in the sink holding up the entire fixture while he hooked it up.  Now that you have a visual, don’t try that at home, ok?

Prior to the electrical stuff, Ryan constructed the base of the light fixture out of a pine board and mapped out where each pendant would hang.  I should probably just change the name of this blog to Circa R, huh?  I guess that would actually be Circa Are.

Anyway, once the light fixture was properly wired in we had really cool industrial lighting!

I love the subtle, faded graphics on the funnels.

And here’s how they look when not illuminated.  Yes, you’re looking into the sunroom and backyard.


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