thank you & a coop

Hey guys!  We are recuperating after a long weekend at our grand opening. I feel much like Wilson looks in this picture from the end of the day Sunday.

For those of you not aware, we’ve got ourselves a brick & mortar to hold vintage occasional sales once a month.  The little building has some incredible character.  We learned more about it this weekend since many people asked us the history.

The shop building is about 100 years old.  It is located between the barn and original farmhouse on the property.  Apparently it was the former chicken coop and was also used as a tool shed at some point.  All of the out buildings on the property are now used for businesses.  I love all of the exposed beams and raw wood.  And the loft space is especially my favorite.  The slate floor is fabulous too.  I could go on about the shop’s features but I will just share pictures from the weekend in case you did not see them on facebook already.  I think they really capture the charm of the space.

I will be back later this week with some new project posts for my DIYers.  In the meantime, thank you so much to everyone who supported us this weekend.  We can’t wait to do it again next month!

3 thoughts on “thank you & a coop

  1. Hi Dana — I had a tent sale at Good Sam in Paoli on Friday and Saturday or I would have stormed your shop for opening day. We plan on coming in July. I bribed my husband to come along with fishing gear for fishing with our 8 year old daughter (who is a fellow junker who you’ve probably seen at Clover Market with me — the smiley Indian girl named Rose). Good luck and the shop looks fantastic. Was wondering if you flopped on the bed after closing time on Sunday for a nap with Wilson at the foot of the bed? Come on fess up!! Ha Ha Karen
    P.S. That bed beckons for a nap and sweet dreams!!

    1. Karen – that is so funny that you ask because I have Wilson trained not to get on the bed hence why he is on the floor in that picture! It was tempting to nap there but I did not either. Hope to see you next month. The property is gorgeous. You should definitely bring your family to fish!

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