lights camera action

Since installing our new galvanized funnel lights a few weeks ago, we’re pretty much obsessed with turning any and everything into a pendant light.  Ok, I’m pretty much obsessed with the idea and therefore get Ryan to turn normal household objects into hanging lights.

To refresh your memory, here is our new over the sink light fixture in the kitchen.

My 2nd lighting choice for the kitchen was ball jar pendant lights to go with our pint-size canning jar soap dispenser.  Not exactly an original lighting idea but still very cool.

We ended up making a single Ball jar pendant light anyway (and by “we” I mean Ryan).  It is a massive half gallon blue canning jar.  I really love this one but we have no where to put it.

So it is for sale in the shop.  (BTW taking pictures of illuminated lights is kinda hard.)

And last but certainly not least in our lineup of pendant lights is this wooden birdcage.  I’m also very fond of this cutie.  I just popped the hook off of the top and took the cage bottom off.  Technically the bottom could stay but it wasn’t that cute.  Ryan did his thing and turned this birdcage into a unique pendant light.  This one is for sale in our etsy shop.

All of these pendant lights are made with a plug so you can just plug it into an outlet.  Each can also be hardwired by the electrician savvy too – like we did with the funnel lights.  No plugs there.

What other objects would you turn into light fixtures?  I’ve got an old chicken feeder that I’d like to use to light up our hallway…stay tuned for that one.

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4 thoughts on “lights camera action

  1. Lighting is my absolute favorite thing of all time! That birdcage is adorable! I have an old iron horse that used to sit in front of the supermarket. I saw a show where they turned one into a light – it was amazing!

  2. Funny you should post this. i’m from Queensland, Australia and we have a renovation show here called “The Block”. Four couples renovate four different units/houses from scratch. One of the couples this year Dale & Sophie have a vintage/recycled design style. They used these jars as lights in two of their rooms. Check out the link….

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