put a plant in it

I was at an auction with some friends recently and we had a good chuckle at the auctioneer.  Every time an item came up for auction that was useless or he actually know the use of it, he would say something along the lines of “Put a plant in it” or “Makes a great wall hanging with a plant in it”.  So this post is my own version of “Put a plant in it” because the theory can be applied to so many household objects.

Here’s a few things I put a plant (or two) in.

You know you have an old pot in the depths of your cabinet.  (Ok maybe not as cute as the aqua and white enamel one.)  Put a plant in it.

I have far too many vintage sifters for my own good. Put a plant in it.

An old rusty carriage. Why not put a plant in it?

Copper basket/receptacle thingy.  Put a plant in it.

Old clementine crate = instant cacti (or herb) garden. Put a plant in it.

All together now! Put a plant in it!

I’ve created a pinterest board dedicated to “Put a plant in it”.  I know it’s addicting and you can totally get carried away with it. But if you decide to take my advice now is a good time to put a plant in it because annuals left at your local garden center are going to be seriously marked down. No store wants to have them in stock in late June. So go put a plant in it on the cheap.

Happy Summer!

10 thoughts on “put a plant in it

  1. This is so inspiring and also kind of hilarious! I can’t believe some of the things people are putting plants in that you’ve pinned. Now I’ll just be looking around my house looking at things to put plants in.

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