guess what

Hello my vintage loving friends!  I am super excited to share some Circa Dee news with you today.  When my friends and I have news to share we like to play an impromptu guessing game.  Kind of like a hot/cold clue game.  It works well and by process of elimination we figure out the news.

Ok I’ll start!  Guess where Circa Dee merchandise will be available for sale.

Yes, of course at our Brick & Mortar occasional sales.  And yes we’ll be at Clover Market this fall.

Guess again.  It’s in Cape May!  That was a huge clue by the way.

Yes, as a matter of fact it is Cape May’s most unique shopping destination with more than 70 vendors, offering art, antiques, jewelry, clothing, and so much more!

Did you figure it out yet?

That’s right!  Starting July 1st you’ll find Circa Dee at the West End Garage in Cape May.  I couldn’t be happier with this development.  I’ve shopped here since it opened and have long aspired to be a part of this hot retail location at the shore.  Let me tell you, space there is quite coveted and I’m thrilled to have some.  Fortunately I’m in Cape May part time so I will be able to manage and update my booth frequently.  I’ll be sure to post photos of the space as it evolves.

If you are local, you should definitely stop in the West End Garage on your summer vacation to the Jersey shore.  Heck, take a trip to Cape May just to go to The West End Garage!  You won’t be disappointed.  This store is also my go-to source for buying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint since it is hard to find in the Philly area.  It is located at 484 Perry Street in Cape May.

As for sleep, who needs sleep?  I’m happily living out my passion of bringing vintage inspiration to modern lifestyles all over the area.  No one said that would be easy.  I’ll sleep later!

11 thoughts on “guess what

  1. Congratulations! How nice for you that you will be SO CLOSE to your ASCP source! I’ve always wanted to visit Cape May – we often go to Ocean Grove. . . Maybe we’ll stop by sometime this summer. I’d love to pop in and introduce myself.

  2. Hey Dana~ how awesome! I was just at weg last week while we were vacationing in cape may! What an amazing spot! Congrats 🙂

  3. Dana – great news! I was just over there this past Saturday. We will be back down soon so I can’t wait to see your space! Great job! Tara, Buzzy and Sherman

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