sign language

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve slacked on taking pics and posting all of my projects.  It occurred to me that I’ve been painting a heck of a lot of signs and haven’t shared nearly any of them.

I’ve been using almost any kind of reclaimed wood as the canvas.  And a combination of acrylic, latex & chalk paints.

Without further adieu…

“Butterfly”  Cabinet Door

“Bed & Breakfast” Table top

“Maryland Crabs” Bead board door

“Nude Beach” Driftwood. Yeah, it is pointing into the shower.

“Farmers Market” This one is up for debate.  I think it is part of a headboard.  Thoughts? Sorry I didn’t get a good shot of this one.

“Soft Pretzels” Another table top.  Someone actually carved their initials into this one.

“No Diving” An old shelf

Several of these signs are up for sale at our new space in West End Garage in Cape May. We are all moved in. I posted a few pictures on facebook yesterday.  Check ’em out if you haven’t already!

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