know your strengths

So I really should have titled this post “know your weaknesses” but that sounds so negative and who wants to read a negative post?  I’m a glass half full kind of gal anyway.  So know your strengths…here we go.

For far too long I would pass up amazing chairs.  Not chairs you’d pull up to a table but big, glamorous armchairs, settees, caning, you get the drift.  I’d pass ’em by because I was terrified of upholstery.  Not just terrified but actually kind of uninterested.  Learning to upholster is not on my wish list at this time.  In fact, I’d rather poke my eyes out with upholstery tacks.  Sorry, too gruesome? What I mean is I’d rather paint, shop, style, you know – not upholster.

So I’ve partnered with an upholsterer.  Amazing.

Now I get to conceptualize the chair transformation from drab to fab.  (I use that phrase way too much.)  And the upholsterer executes my vision.  Conceptualization is truly my favorite part.  So expect to see more fabric projects here at Circa Dee.  I am so excited about what I’ve got on deck in this department.

Here’s our first transformation…

Barrel back caned chairs.

They started out very Mad Men.  In fact I didn’t hate the powder blue velvet but it was filthy.

An antiqued white paint job, crisp linen and blue chevron fabric and voila.

These are destined for someone’s beach house!

Here’s a few of the back again.  I like the contrast in fabrics.

I’m just sorry that I didn’t take better photos before moving them into my space at West End Garage in Cape May where these pictures were taken.  Go see them in person!  Seriously.  I love them!

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “know your strengths

  1. Oh I hear you on the upholstery! We were at a garage sale today and I passed up on 4 chairs that had tall backs because of the cushioned seats. They were beautiful, and I probably would have bought them had my husband not said, we don’t need any more chairs! They were only $2.50 each!! We were walking since it was just up the road at the church, but we could have come back with the truck…I kick myself now…how hard can it be to redo seats?
    Anyway, sorry for rambling, but your chairs turned out fabulous!!!

    1. Hi Debbie – you’d be surprised. Upholstery is definitely a trade, a dying one too. You can probably DIY seat bottoms that just pop out but some of the chairs are intense! Not for me! Thanks for stopping by!

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