busy bee

Hello!  Hello!  Lots of happenings around town, around Circa Dee town that is.  We’ve been busy little bees.  See?

Although I feel a little bit more like the red ant trying to get to the sweet nectar.

Did you know I took an entomology class in college?  Not by choice.  It was required.  I still don’t know the genus or species of that little red bug, I mean insect.

Anywho, as I posted on facebook this morning we had no idea how popular our mason jar soap dispensers would become when we casually started making them. Nor did we realize how many people would want to use them for dish soap in their kitchens.  Ours are stocked with hand soap and lotion at home.  We are now testing new soap pumps from a different manufacturer that are dish soap friendly. Who knew dish soap was such a different consistency than hand soap?  I’ve learned so much on this little topic.  Email me (circadee at gmail dot com) if you have a current pump from us that is not compatible with your dish soap.  And you want it to be.  You can also email me if you are loving your pump and hand soap together!

In other news, I restocked the Circa Dee space at West End Garage yesterday.  It was looking pretty wiped out.  Pop in this weekend when you’re down the shore to see what’s new.  I also hung our Circa Dee banner up so you know you found us.  Although the space kind of has Circa Dee style written all over it.  Anyway, come say hi.  I will be in store Friday and Saturday evenings.  Trying to restrain myself from buying all of the fabulosities.

I think that’s all for now.  Happy hump day!

P.S.  I’ve been working on my photo taking skillz.  All of the above photos were snapped at the lovely Center Point Pond.

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