small wonders

Yesterday we celebrated Ryan’s birthday. His 35th! I can’t believe I am actually old enough to marry someone that is 35. I still think I am like 17. I’m not. Even Close.  Anyway, we had a nice day that ended with dinner al fresco at our favorite sushi place with our favorite dining partner.

Wilson seems a little hungover this morning.  It must’ve been all that sake.  His birthday is coming up next…

But enough about my boys, onto a before & after.  A little one.

I picked up a bland stool a few weeks back.  You know the type.  The oak ind that can be used as a stool or seat.

I wanted to have some fun with this one so I painted it in a custom mixed Annie Sloan pink.

Then I painted on tandem bike on the seat/stool.

When it is used as a seat, you can see “ride on.” on the seat back.

Wouldn’t this be fun in a little girl’s room?

Or as a stool at the sink for her?

This will be for sale at next weekend’s BRICK & MORTAR sale.  Yes, it is already time for our August sale!  The theme is Camp Vintage so there will be lots of great ideas for bringing outdoor, vintage style into your home.  Come see us August 10th – 12th.


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2 thoughts on “small wonders

  1. i’m with YOU cassie. i want bicycles on everything, and tandem bicycles even more so. I may just be running around my house finding things to as you to stencil bikes on, dana!

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