collecting mixing bowls

When you’re a vintage lover and junker like me it is so easy to suddenly have a new collection or obsession without even trying!

First you pick up one antique green mixing bowl that sparks your interest.  And boom!

Just like that, one turns into 6.  Or 8.

And you have to admit to yourself (and those around you) that you have a collection.  That’s it.  Just put it all out there on the mantel.  For everyone to see and admire.

With the newest addition being a small ribbed seafoam green number.  Just days old to the collection.  She’s pretty perfect!

Lady luck is there too rounding out the group with her contrasting pink body on her well coordinated salvaged green cabinet door.

And that’s how collections happen.  Don’t fight it.  Embrace it.  Display it.

7 thoughts on “collecting mixing bowls

  1. I love mixing bowls, too, and you have a great little collection going there! I like them because they are less expensive than serving bowls, but they can serve the same purpose. Cute post!

  2. where are other good places to display collections besides mantels? i have plenty of collections, but no awesome focal point like the circa dee house

    1. built ins! which you now have as well. rotate collections on any single piece of furniture like a credenza. just remember not all collections need to be on display at the same time. that can be overwhelming!

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