real live put a bird on it

So by now most of you have probably heard of the catch phrase “put a bird on it” and maybe have seen the you tube video?  If not, watch it ’til the end.  It’s funny!  And I’m sure you are familiar with the fact that adorable bird decor is everywhere and has been for the last couple of years  From birdcages to monograms to, well, you name it.

We had a real live “put a bird on it” situation in the shop yesterday.  It was a glorious morning to open the doors and windows and let the breeze in.  That breeze also invited a sweet little hummingbird inside.  He happily flew in the front door and up the spiral staircase to the second floor.  Naturally I snapped his pic while we were frantically shouting “oh no there’s a bird in the shop!  get him out!”  My brother and sister-in-law were there with me.  Jake swiftly opened the screen window and shooed the bird across the second floor until he calmly found the exit. I will note that we were not nearly as aggressive as the people in the you tube video although probably as spastic.  Me with camera in hand yelling “I hope he doesn’t poop on anything. Or me.”

Funny thing about this whole scenario is that my brother and sister-in-law got married last year and had an entire lovebird themed wedding.  Seriously, they put a bird on it!  I felt like a spoof of the you tube skit during the 3.5 minutes the winged friend visited.  Good times.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Camp Vintage over the weekend!  I met lots of new customers and saw some repeats as well which is great.  The fall dates and themes have been published for our occasional sales.  Here they are!

September 22nd & 23rd: Harvest Party

October 20th & 21st: Fall Into Vintage

November 17th & 18th: Holly Days

It’s possible that you may see some additional days and times get added as we move into the swing of fall.  But for now I’m going to take a mini summer break.  I will be updating my space at West End Garage this week.  Stay tuned for some pics on facebook!  Then I’m jetting off to Miami for a girls weekend.  I hope you are enjoying August!  I certainly can’t believe how quickly this summer was been flying by.

2 thoughts on “real live put a bird on it

  1. this is so hilarious! i love that sketch and that the two “lovebirds” were there for the bird in person. he is pretty cute.

    also, it’s very satisfying to put another round of circa dee sales on my fall calendar!

  2. Too funny! Poor little hummingbird…
    I have always loved birds and have many around the place. Nice to know this time I was actually with the times!
    Debbie 🙂

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