amazing grace

One of my good friends had her first baby in late June. Prior to the arrival of their little one, her and her family put together a nursery fit for a baby girl.  The room was already a divine shade of olive green that coordinated so well with pink.  Cream furniture pops against the green backdrop.  They chose beautiful silk bedding accessories.

And hung pink, silk shades to match.  The Grandmother-to-be sewed a valance of roses over the shades.  Such a sweet touch!

You may have noticed though that the wall behind the crib is bare!  This is where I came in to play.  I was commissioned to put together large artwork made from barnwood.  This isn’t just any barnwood though.  Emily grew up on a beef cattle farm.  When we met in college, I was a typical suburban girl.  Emphasis on the urban.  I didn’t know any farmers.  I’ve always been enthralled with stories of farming and love to visit their family farms.  And I’m slightly obsessed with barns.  I want one!

Just weeks before the baby was due, Emily gave me wood from a barn that was torn down on her family’s farm.  I love the faded red colors and washed out wood however this sign needed to be pink!  My handyman Ryan built the “canvas” and I got to work creating something new for baby Grace out of something old from her family.

Emily also gave me fabric samples so I could custom mix the paint colors to match the gorgeous silk bedding.  In addition, she gave me a sketch of exactly what she wanted on the barnwood.  You could say she was nesting but she is always this precise!

Here’s the final result!  I loved working with all of the natural grooves from wear on the barnwood.  It gave the piece so much texture.  Do you think the colors are a close match to the bedding?

The artwork will be securely hung behind the crib.

So Grace will have something to peer up at when she wakes up!

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