august splendor

You know what I love about this time of year?

Seeing all of the hard work in the garden come to fruition.  I love cutting flowers from my yard and making little arrangements.  It just sums up the simplicity of summer.

I’m still working on my developing my cutting garden but this year I ended up with a great crop of Zinnias which are annuals.  In addition I have been snipping Black Eyed Susans (not pictured) for the arrangements which are perennials.  I like to round out the bouquets with Dusty Miller foliage, a biennial.  Huh?  Biennial?  That means it blooms on the second year but the foliage is a nice silver accent both years.  The perennial Astilbe adds height and feathery texture.  And finally, a few sprigs of the herb Rosemary give the arrangement a wonderful scent.

So simple yet makes such a big impact!

Other than arranging little wildflower bouquets this month, I’ve also been obsessively making refreshing fruit smoothies.  I’d love to say that I grew those ingredients as well but I’d be lying.  I stick primarily to ornamentals, not edibles.

So basically I’ve been throwing about 8-12 strawberries into a blender along with a banana and about 2 tablespoons or so of Greek yogurt topped off with ice.  The result is a fresh and amazing fruit smoothie!  Sorry for the loose goosey measurements but, hey, this isn’t a recipe blog!  There’s a baseline for you to start with.  Feel free to add rum too.  I won’t judge.  Just as long as you are not having the rum smoothie for breakfast.  Then I’ll start talking about ya.

I seriously can’t get enough of these flower arrangements and smoothies right now so I thought I’d share.  Indulge yourself too!

What are you loving about August?

P.S.  I stopped by local shop Phantastic Phinds’ blog this week and revealed what I did with an old dresser that lost its drawers.  Lost its drawers?  Hmm, not sure that came out right but anyway go check it out!

One thought on “august splendor

  1. I love the re-purposed dresser! If I hadn’t already bought furniture this month … oh, not true… I’m definitely on the lookout for one of these dressers for my spare bedroom – perfect for hosting towels and other guest items. Is the silver looking side totally a fancy paint job, or some other covering?

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