3 easy peasy repurposes

Hey guys!  I’m getting a late start to the week after taking a long weekend in sunny Florida.  It was a great vaca but it is time to get back to the grind now.  At our vintage camp sale I showed a few easy ways to repurpose things you may already have around the house.  Maybe you haven’t considered these uses.  Check them out…

First up is  the simplest one in the group.  Find a hand rake, preferably one with a hole in the handle.  Turn it upside down and around and you’ve got an instant hook.  Seriously couldn’t be easier and makes an interesting display.

We recently dismantled a built in desk in our basement. The drawers are in good shape so I’ve been considering ways to reuse them. This shallow drawer had a divider built in for pens and pencils. When the drawer is turned vertically it makes an instant shadowbox with a built in shelf. All the drawer needed was picture hanging hardware on the back.

And finally I found this case without a handle which many would consider useless.  However both the exterior and interior had great vintage patterns.  When a chain is bolted to the back, the suitcase hangs open like a little display case.  I like to call this the suitcase pantry.

Pick things up and turn them upside down and around when looking for ways to repurpose them.  Which of these items do you have sitting around?  Definitely the hand rake!

2 thoughts on “3 easy peasy repurposes

  1. I loved the drawer as a shadow box. It’s genius, and another example of how Circa Dee thinks outside the box like no one else!!

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