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Since I got back from Miami on Monday I have eased back into workhorse mode.  The vacation was great.  Just what I needed but I’ve got work to do!  I can already feel fall approaching which means the Clover market season is just weeks away plus our Brick & Mortar Harvest Party and so on.  What’s a girl to do?  Make obsessive-keep-me-on-track lists of course.

My garage is stacked full with furniture in various before states so I decided to start crossing things off of the “to be painted list” by finishing this adorable little antique desk/console table.

She started out as a plain Jane with great curves and lines.

I made her over with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Shutter Grey.  (Coming soon to our shop!!)

This color has a seemingly blue undertone but also surprises with hints of white which add depth and texture.  And it highlighted all of the antique “flaws” which I love about the old, loved desk.

With all of that texture, the piece is still smooth as a baby’s behind to the touch thanks to the wax in Miss Mustard Seed’s line.  I gave the drawer a modern twist with a coveted Anthropologie aqua rose knob.

And she’s got great legs…

I could just see this desk being used as a console table in an entry way to collect keys and mail on top.  With shoes being kicked off underneath next to an umbrella.  I am putting it up for sale this weekend in my space at West End Garage in Cape May.

And I might bring along this new-to-me antique glass jar.  Isn’t it fab?  I filled it with sparkly, old blue camera bulbs.  Those are mine!  They used to belong to Ryan’s dad once upon a time.

Any projects on the horizon for you?

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8 thoughts on “on the horizon

  1. That is so adorable, and the knob is perfect! Love it! My garage is fullof projects too, but its been way to hot to stand there and work. Looking forward for the fall.

  2. Oh so many projects on my horizon … but I **think** I have a happy face when I say that! Just want to say how sweet the desk is but I covet those blue sparkly camera bulbs, would have never guessed thats what they are, they are very cool and I love that they’re passed down through the family.

    1. Hi Robin – the sparkly bulbs are fabulous! Fortunately, we have an entire collection of old cameras and the like that were passed down. Heirlooms are the best!

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