fading fast

I can feel it in the air.  The subtle cool breeze.  The hint that autumn is around the corner.  Eek!  I’m so excited.  I just love the change of seasons.  And if you know me well, you know that I tend to push that change a little too early.  Mums in late August and pumpkin decor on Labor Day are just a few of my telltale habits.  But don’t fret my friends, I’ve decided to really soak up these fading days of summer this year.  Would you believe I even had an impromptu mini beach project and photoshoot?

True story.  This time last year I was dusting off the pumpkins and planting mums but not this time.  I gave the sea shells one last run for their money.

And the starfish…well they can stay out all year as far as I’m concerned.

But the project at hand was transforming a paddle into something a little more sophisticated.  I picked this guy up with some broken old peg hooks.  Sorry I didn’t take a before pic but I pulled those pegs off so quickly to make way for some glamorous drawer knobs.  The glass one is vintage, the clay one is handmade and the coral one is from Anthropologie.  They make a stunning set, don’t you think?

A perfectly unique decoration for organizing all of your vintage necklaces, scarves or whatever comes to mind.  Of course this could be used in a kid’s room as well but the coral colors just scream lady’s lounge!

I also want to send a big welcome out to all of the new visitors who are stopping by from my feature on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed.  I hope you’ll stay awhile and like what you see!

What summery things are you squeezing in before Labor Day?

7 thoughts on “fading fast

  1. These are some of your best pictures to date! I was just talking about planing mums. And we harvested the first squash from the garden. Thanks for making fall sound exciting as opposed to most people that get all sad about summer ending

  2. Summer can be so over as far as I am concerned. I haven’t planted mums or purchased pumpkins yet but we are having our first football tailgate of the season this Saturday! Can’t wait. Love the oar hanger – the knobs really are perfect for it.

  3. I am from the north east, NY specifically, so I grew up experiencing all 4 seasons in probably it’s most static sense. So, I am used to the changing of the winds, the colors of the leaves, snowfall and the melt.

    Last July I moved to San Francisco and it was amazing to me how much I missed and had relied on seasons to remind me of the passing of time. In the bay area the weather is virtually the same year round, there were times I forgot an approaching holiday of event because my natural cue was missing. I really grew to appreciate those little changes you spoke of, thank you for sharing and reminding me of the little wonders of seasons.

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