got a light

The final day of August is here. Labor day weekend is upon us here in the states! Yay!

Throughout the summer I’ve collected some great vintage lamps. All of which needed some updating to make them new again. Fortunately for me, Ryan rewired them as needed. And I selected modern shades. Can you tell I like a good drum shade? Our house is starting to look like a lighting store as a result.

Let’s take a look at these vintage beauties, shall we?

This midcentury lamp base is a little Jane Jetson meets Betty Draper, don’t ya think?

I love that there is a pair with such great detailing!

I’ve covered so many different eras in this little collection.  Check out this art deco painted glass lamp…ignore the crooked shade.  I love the chippy, green painted base.  When this one came to me, it was just a lamp base.  No wiring or anything.  I’m glad to see her back in action as a lamp.

This cut glass lamp reminds me of a crystal ball.  Perhaps I can see my future in it.  What do you think of the choice to pair it with a linen angular shade?  I thought the shapes were nice contrasts to one another.

And probably my favorite of the group, although a tough choice, is this alabaster lamp.  I have always wanted to be the type of dealer that has an alabaster lamp in stock.  I think alabaster lamps are so sleek and timeless.  I was so happy to find this one!  The color of the shade matches the dark accent in the marble just perfectly.

I guess I can remove the cellophane from the shades now, huh?  So which is your favorite?  Am I little too excited about some updated lamps?

“I love lamp.”  Name that movie.

8 thoughts on “got a light

  1. OMG! I love them all! I want the matching pair! BTW…..”Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy”! Brick said, “I love lamp!”

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